Hawleys Camping Center - Flagstaff Travel Trailer Service, Lack of Service from Authorized Dealer

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Requested service from an authirized repair center in Fayetteville, North Carolina only to be told to take it to the company that I purchased it from.My trailer is a 2011 831RLBSS Flagstaff, purchased from Tom Johnson Camping in Marion, NC(an 8 hour drive).

Seems Hawleys only services what they sell, not what someone else sells, even though they are supposed to be an authorized repair center. Forest River needs a customer service web site that we can contact with this type problem.

This service center is the only RV dealer in Fayetteville, guess they think they can do what they want.And their customer service reflects that attitude!

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same problem here--clayton hawleys.only we purchased our flagstaff hw camper from them recently.

even the flagstaff representative proved to be no help either.we will have to take legal action to get warranty work done.


Greg Rollins is the Warranty Department supervisor for Flagstaff units; the department's number is (574)642-2640, his extension is 225.I have the entire Forest River phone list in my hand, and I can find nothing for general customer service.

At any rate, call and explain your situation, and ask him to put you in contact with someone that can help you.

If they are an authorized FR dealer, they can't just turn you away like that.Perhaps someone from FR can call them and force them to give you an appointment; I'm sure it must be part of their dealer agreement that they will service any FR product.

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